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  • New Blue Pump-N-Gro Penis Pumps Size #13, #14, or #15 Now With Built-In Flex Action Seal

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    Introducing the New Blue See-Through Pump-N-Gro !

    The NEW BLUE is Today's Best Penis Pump for Fighting Erectile Dysfunction

    The NEW BLUE Pump-N-Gro is a Simple One Piece Pump.

    The NEW BLUE Pumps You Up Faster Than Old Pumps.

    The Active Flex Seal Gives You a Pleasurable Erection Boost.




    This Pump has No "... Cap Seal ..." to Lose or Lubricate !!!

    Pump-N-Gro BLUE is a Tinted Transparent Medical Grade Polymer.

    Squeezing & Releasing the Walls Gets You a Powerful Suction Boost.

    No Dangling Rubber Hoses to Get In Your Way !!!

    No Hard Plastic Squeeze Handles to get in Your Way !!!

    In & Out Motion Increases Your Suction Power Even More. 
    Pulling Force can be as High as 12 Lbs.

    Pump-N-Gro can be Used in Water - But Water is Not Required.

    Product Sizing is Important!!! See Sizing Chart in Our Photo Graphics

    Size #13 is for men with relaxed penis girths less than 3.65 Inches. 
    Size #13 pump has an Opening Diameter of 1.50 inches and is 7.00 Inches long.

    Size #14 is for men with relaxed penis girths ranging from 3.65 Inches to 4.15 Inches. Size #14 pump has an Opening Diameter of 1.65 inches and is 7.50 Inches long.

    Size #15 is for men with relaxed penis girths ranging from 4.15 Inches to 4.80 Inches. Size #15 pump has an Opening Diameter of 1.80 inches and is 8.00 Inches long.

    Although you may use Constriction Rings - This Product Does Not Require them --- the Opening Chamber Seals Itself Automatically when You Use Lubrication.

    NEW BLUE  Pump-N-Gro Description:

    The NEW BLUE boosts your erection without pills. 

    This pump generates a powerful vacuum suction - giving you an immediate erection. The New Blue is PATENTED (See US Patent 9314396). NO other men's vacuum pump matches the intimacy preserving erection this device provides. 

    Health clinic research tells us that a partial vacuum can reduce the impact of male ED symptoms. Simple one-hand use allows for full sexual intimacy. Erection boost is so fast - Some consider it an enhancement to regular intimate times of pleasure.

    In Summary, Our New Male Enhancing BLUE Pump-N-Gro ...

    1) Is manufactured exclusively - IN THE USA

    2) Is a Single One Piece Design molded from MEDICAL GRADE polymer

    3) Contains a Built-In Active Flex-Seal for Vacuum Containment and/or Release 

    4) Uses NO FLEXIBLE TUBING to spoil intimacy

    5) Has a comfortable contoured FITTED DESIGN


    7) Has NO BATTERIES, electrical connections or wires

    8) Is compatible with typical lotions and cleaning products

    9) CLEANS UP EASILY with household soap & water



    Slender Size #13 Specifications: 
    ///  Length = 7.00 Inches
    ///  Outside Dia. = 2.0 Inches
    ///  Shipping Weight: 4.0 ounces 

    Medium Size #14 Specifications: 
    ///  Length = 7.50 Inches
    ///  Outside Dia. = 2.25 Inches
    ///  Shipping Weight: 5.0 ounces 

    Large Size #15 Specifications: 
    ///  Length = 8.00 Inches
    ///  Outside Dia. = 2.50 Inches
    ///  Shipping Weight: 6.0 ounces 

    Extra-Large Size #16 Specifications: 
    ///  Length = 8.50 Inches
    ///  Outside Dia. = 2.75 Inches
    ///  Shipping Weight: 8.0 ounces 

    All Products are Manufactured in the USA

    Free Shipping is to Continental USA Customers Only

    All of Our Products are NEW FACTORY Goods
    We Never Sell Any Used or Returned Items ---
    We Consider All Returns -- Medical Waste !!! 

    • Size #16 Has a 2.25 Inch Diameter Opening:
    • Size #15 Has a 1.85 Inch Diameter Opening:
    • Size #14 Has a 1.65 Inch Diameter Opening:
    • Size #13 Has a 1.50 Inch Diameter Opening:

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